Boutique Jean Patou – Paris


Located in the city centre of Paris, near Place Vendôme, the new Jean Patou’s fragrances dedicated space expresses feminity and tenderness; pink shell and pink nuances bathe the rooms.

Lighting is an important component to reveal the atmosphere and the particular functions of this place.

Starting with the first focus, created by the show window, a pierced transparent synthetic plate receives the perfume bottles. As “JOY” is a fragrance for a woman of exception, presentations are made unique by isolating each of them. This panel, edge-illuminated with RGB LED lights, is programmed and dimmed to transmit a coloured nuances variation.

In the ground floor, a stretched ceiling diffuses a homogeneous warm light which intensity varies according to exterior illumination. This uniform lighting, provided by the luminous surface, enables an exclusive attention and a more discreet reading of visual presentations on luminous cylinders, shelves and display-cases.
Upstairs, the private lounge and perfumes bar are lighted on their periphery by luminous cornices while downlights are built in the central area of the lounge. These fixtures, directional and hidden in the plenum, can be used to light more specifically eventual temporary exhibitions.

The meeting room, the laboratory and the storage room (in the basement), as well as the offices and toilets, receive a more functional lighting. A particular attention is drawn to ergonomy and specific needs of activities held in these spaces.