The Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé Foundation


Inserted within a historical inner city block, the new building with its audacious architecture is revealed using a soft light. The main goal was to avoid light trespass on peripheral apartments and limit light beams directed skyward. This structure houses on seven levels a documentation center, blind storage rooms for sensitive archives, exposition rooms and a projection room.

The project’s objective was to integrate functional and ergonomic lighting principals that blend both utility and pleasantness. Timeless design LED luminaires produce lighting in accordance with all the standards of a public building and reveal the identity of the place.

The functional lighting inside the workspaces is filtered; during the night, the light pollution is contained while the natural lighting is controlled during daytime. The lighting fixtures beams are systematically aimed towards the interior. This illumination softly outlines the organic shape of the building.

 The narrow corridor which connects the main entrance, sculpted by Auguste Rodin, to the new building contains the fire escape and the reception. In order to virtually shorten the waiting time and to forget the noisy activity of the street, movies are projected on the wall opposite the cash desk eliciting an impression of spaciousness.

The underground and the first floor display temporary exhibitions of old movie posters under glazed protection. The position and the aiming angles of the LED projectors, mounted on tracks, equipped with various accessories, are adjusted so as to eliminate all veiling reflections enabling a clear and neat viewing of these presentations.

150 film devices, mainly in dark finishing colors, stemming from the foundation’s own collection are presented in the permanent exhibition gallery on the 2nd floor. The various components of these objects: bright, matt, transparent, textured, rough, granular … which trap then selectively reflects the light informs us about these micro mechanical assemblies.

Short movies displayed on digital tablets tell the story of these old movies instruments with a particular lighting of the touch screens.

In the basement, a screening room broadcasts silent movies accompanied, most of the time, by a live piano performance. Grazing light emphasizes the peripheral circulations while projectors hidden in the ceiling allow the reading of the programs or the accompanying texts without disturbing the field of view of the spectators. All the lighting fixtures are dimmable from the control room.

Artificially lit or benefiting from natural day lighting, the researchers’ allocated room preserves the privacy of the neighbors located around the building while enabling and favoring the concentration and the visual comfort of the users.

The meeting room located under the roof is bathed in natural lighting that allow users to perceive the time passing, if it’s daytime or nighttime, and what the weather is like. The suspended LED projectors emit a 3000 K light which enhances the warm hues of wood and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

In the backyard, the birch garden is moonlighted which enhances the spatial factor, bringing softness and poetry that allow the visitors some rest and tranquility.