Intesa Sanpaolo Tower in Torino won the Building of the Year Awards 2016 (Offices category)


Suspended on six mega-columns, the new head office of the Intesa SanPaolo bank, with a height of 166 m, is located near the Porta Susa railway station. It provides 2,000 work stations spread across its open spaces.

The building has a nursery, restaurants and a multipurpose room that seats 360, equipped with movable raked seating. The bioclimatic greenhouse located on the 38th floor provides panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains. This area occupying three floors houses a restaurant, an exhibition hall and a café. It can be accessed by the public via a lift from the reception on the ground floor which takes 30 seconds.

Energy is controlled particularly well by using adjustable glass panels on the east- and west-facing active façades, and 1,600 m² of photovoltaic panels that cover the south-facing façade.

The lighting is provided by 80% LED light bulbs. The lighting level is adjusted depending on the amount of natural light and the presence of people. The adjustable side reflectors in the conference room can be adapted to different uses.

The Sapaolo Intesa tower won the "Building of the Year Awards 2016" (offices category).

Client: Intesa Sanpaolo          Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop