The Champs Elysees Mc Donald's Restaurant reopens


The Champs Elysees restaurant lighting is characterized by accent lighting on the vertical surfaces that virtually bring them closer to the observer. The highlight is on the in line luminous screens and the counter at the back of the establishment.

The light sources used for general lighting, especially in the circulations, are hidden in the ceiling hence freeing the field of view to allow the reading of the decorative panels without creating disturbing luminance. The absence of reflected light beams in the facade glazing allows a 180 ° view of the Champs Elysees.

The texts engraved on the walls are readable with the contribution of grazing beams that bring the attention to them using the principle of random shadows.

If some of the tables are lit by a traditional suspension, others maintain the “No Decor" principle developed in collaboration with studio P. Norguet which consists in light sources offset and use of filters that allow an ovoid light distribution.

From the outside, the look penetrates directly to the restaurant towards the luminous decors that line an area in the ceiling creating the specific image of this establishment.