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National Military Museum in Soesterberg


From early design to final completion of the buildings, Peutz have contributed with regard to building physics, acoustics, fire safety and sustainability. Worth mentioning is a fairly elaborate research we conducted into the possibility of making this museum with almost complete glass facades.

The Champs Elysees Mc Donald's Restaurant reopens


The Champs Elysees restaurant lighting is characterized by accent lighting on the vertical surfaces that virtually bring them closer to the observer. The highlight is on the in line luminous screens and the counter at the back of the establishment.

Intesa Sanpaolo Tower in Torino won the Building of the Year Awards 2016 (Offices category)


Suspended on six mega-columns, the new head office of the Intesa SanPaolo bank, with a height of 166 m, is located near the Porta Susa railway station. It provides 2,000 work stations spread across its open spaces.

« BIM d'Or » 2015 for the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan


The conception studies for the project of the new “’Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan sur le plateau de Saclay » have been developped using the BIM (REVIT) for all aspect of the building.

On September 16th , the Golden BIM 2015 that recognizes the best uses of BIM was awarded to the design team who have worked on this project.

The Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé Foundation


Inserted within a historical inner city block, the new building with its audacious architecture is revealed using a soft light. The main goal was to avoid light trespass on peripheral apartments and limit light beams directed skyward.

Court of Justice, Amsterdam


The newly build Court of Justice is part of the IJ-dock Amsterdam of ASR vastgoed. ASR asked Peutz to design the AV-mediatechnique of meeting rooms, restaurant, 15 court rooms and 4 digital court rooms. The digital courtrooms use specific videoscreens, integrated into the furniture.

Museum of Natural History – La Rochelle


The renovation of the Museum of Natural History in La Rochelle was the opportunity to create a unique 2500 square meter museum harmoniously integrating contemporary scenography into a historic, 18th-century building full of rich collections.

Evolution Gallery - Brussels


The Evolution Gallery at the Belgian Royal Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels is housed in the Janlet wing, built between 1898 and 1905 by architect Charles-Emile Janlet who integrated museographic fixings and a metallic structure to his project.

The hall of mirrors - Château de Versailles


Commissioned by Louis XIV from his architect, J. Hardouin Mansart, the 73 meter long Château de Versailles Hall of Mirrors, is the link between the War Room and the Peace Room. Charles le Brun’s paintings, which decorate its 1000 square meter, 12-meter high ceiling, evoke the most important events of the reign’s first seventeen years.

Boutique Jean Patou – Paris


Located in the city centre of Paris, near Place Vendôme, the new Jean Patou’s fragrances dedicated space expresses feminity and tenderness; pink shell and pink nuances bathe the rooms.

Lighting is an important component to reveal the atmosphere and the particular functions of this place.