Court of Justice, Amsterdam


The newly build Court of Justice is part of the IJ-dock Amsterdam of ASR vastgoed. ASR asked Peutz to design the AV-mediatechnique of meeting rooms, restaurant, 15 court rooms and 4 digital court rooms. The digital courtrooms use specific videoscreens, integrated into the furniture. These screens deliver the digital evidence to judges, lawyers, suspects, as well as audience. Peutz played an key role at the integral design of acoustics, AV-mediatechnique, daylight, artificial lighting to prevent glare on videoscreens, etc, while the architectural demands (clean pure rooms with natural materials) were taken into account.

Intensive studies were performed in order to minimise glare on the hardened glass covering the videoscreens (type+colouring antiglare coating). For a room with a limited ceiling height, the location and type of artificial lighting was chosen to realise evenly distributed horizontal and vertical illuminance of objects for camera use, while minimising the glare on the videoscreens. As for the criteria of free sightlines from participants and camera's towards hands and posture of suspects, the maximum videoscreen-angle within the table is taking into account.